The Perinton Congregational for Flower City Habitat for Humanity is led by a strong group of board members:



*Updated 2017-06-04

Committee Member

Church Affiliation

Tim Oaks
Tracy Nadler
Bob Paiement
Church of the Assumption
Joe Greco
Dan Killoran
Mike Palermo
Church of the Resurrection
*Carlee Brown, co-Secretary
*Rick Hill, co-Secretary
Cindy Stanton
*Don Stanton, Treasurer
Fairport United Methodist
Chic Gray
*Crista Deniz, Webmaster
First Congregational
United Church of Christ
Bill Holliday
Nick McClain
Mountain Rise
United Church of Christ
Mark Stevens
Perinton Presbyterian
Ron Hirschler
*Mike Seaman, Chair
Jim Lucco
St. John of Rochester
Doug McGee
St. Luke’s Episcopal

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